Whether students play hockey for fun or competitively, its overall impact is certainly positive. 


Hockey is a sport which is played all around the globe, whether its outdoor hockey, indoor hockey or even ice hockey, many players enjoy the excitement of the game. Along with other sports hockey is viewed as a team sport where many players can experience the different positions upon the pitch depending on their strengths. 


The thrill of making an epic save if you're the goalie, to winning the ball back by tackling the opposition if you're a defender, to legging the ball up the pitch as a midfielder and finally scoring a goal if you're a forward. The game of hockey provides various positions which all players can explore. Furthermore, hockey can be seen as an all round sport and generally can be played in all weather conditions with some exceptions like frozen pitches. 


Physical health is key in hockey, with the sport providing a significant cardio workout which ultimately improves the breathing rates of the players, as sufficient amounts of oxygen are pumped through the blood. As well as improving the balance and coordination of players, it also builds muscular strength and enhances endurance levels.


One hockey player explained:

“I think the major benefit of playing hockey is that it’s a team sport, but also individually it improves your fitness, decision making, coordination and confidence…whilst also being fun to play!” (Lily Pearson)


Likewise, hockey is a team sport and consists of 11 players which builds trust and teamwork amongst the players, hockey teams which work considerably well together and trust one another are most definitely able to develop long lasting friendships. Through the aspect of teamwork communication levels increase, with the team becoming more verbal allowing better decisions to be discussed or put into play. 


Not only the players physical health is able to prosper, but also the players mental health which is key in living a healthy lifestyle. Although some aspects of sport can be stressful, team sports can have positive impacts upon mental health over individual sports which can be viewed as more demanding for the certain individual. Players are able to to work together supporting one another during both negative and positive circumstances. 


So overall, hockey has a significant positive impact upon students physical and mental health, allowing various players to either play the sport for fun or competitively. Encouraging a sense of camaraderie and inclusivity.