My family loves cricket, so liking it was in my DNA. As I originate from India, this friendly (sometimes not so friendly) rivalry between India and Pakistan fans was something I was very familiar with from a young age. Whether it be my mum who is not a cricket fanatic sitting down saying prayers so India wins or the smile on my dad’s face after India did win, I knew how important these matches were.

On the 24th of October, Pakistan secured its first ever win against India in a T20 World Cup. No one could handle this, it was a milestone in cricket history. Pakistan won by 10 wickets, and some fans took. this like a train coming at them. People were not happy with the outcome of this, and they made sure people knew. From posting videos of them breaking their televisions to cursing Indian players, everything was out there. The match was held in Dubai, at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium. As are all T20 world cup matches 2021.

India’s captain is Virat Kohli a legendary batsman and Pakistan’s captain is Babar Azham who is also a batsman. Shaheen Afridi (a skillful bowler) who took 3 wickets - Rohit Sharma ( an exceptional batsman), KL Rahul ( an admirable wicket keeper) and Virat Kohli (India’s Captain) and took home a well-deserved ‘man of the match’

India was defeated by Pakistan for the first time in a World cup match. Undeniably, this left Indian fans heartbroken and in a subtle state of shock. On the contrary, Pakistan fans were so ecstatic that their celebrations had to be put on a halt in some places due to the sheer level of energy. Unfortunately, Mohammed Shami - a bowler with talent seeping out of him and also the only muslim player in the team, has been trolled online. Some horrifying Islamaphobic comments and asking for him to be removed from this team. This shows the amount of passion viewers pour into this game, and the dark side of being in a cricket team.

 ‘It’s just a game’ people say, but no. When these two teams are placed against each other, it is more than just a game.