On Thursday 14th October, Wimbledon Cricket Club opened their indoor cricket season with a home fixture versus Putney Cricket Club. The rules of Indoor Cricket differ to those of the traditional outdoor cricket game. For example, a boundary can only be achieved by hitting the back wall either after or before bouncing. Batters can be caught off the wall as well which discourages batters to play aerial shots. As well as that the scoring is slightly different due to there being only 6 players per team compared to the normal 11 for an outdoor game. The game is 72 balls aside ( 12 overs each). Batters retire when they reach 25 runs however they can come back in when everybody else is out. If the batter hits the wall then they will gain 1 run and if they run as well then they will gain 3 runs. If a wide or a no ball is bowled then the bowling team concedes 3 runs.  Each bowler can only bowl a maximum of 3 overs ( 18 balls). Putney won the toss and elected to bowl first. Wimbledon put up a first innings score of 119-2 off the 12 overs with Timmy Lloyd and I both getting retired at 26 and 27. Wimbledon had an opening partnership of 63 before both Timmy and I got retired in successive balls having put on a partnership of 35. Putney failed to chase it down, ending on 54 all out after 9.3 overs. After the game, Ray Malik gave his opinion on the game “ I was expecting a bumpy start with a young team on the south circular. However, my players were playing as if they were driving on the A3”. It was personally a proud day for me because of making my Indoor debut for Wimbledon as well as being top scorer