Italy's Series A has been disrupted by the postponement of games dealing with a significant outbreak in the southern European region. The final of the Coppa Italia was postponed to the end of May, and all Serie A matches were suspended indefinitely on March 9 after some fixtures were first played behind closed doors without any fans. 


In consideration of the size of the Italian epidemic and the fact that many host Euro 2020 countries are struggling to control the spread, there have been questions about the sustainability of the spread.UEFA has indicated that the situation is under constant scrutiny and will comply with the orders of any affected host countries. 

At the beginning of March, games in Switzerland were delayed, although La Liga side Valencia took precautions to discourage their players from being contaminated by cancelling activities that would involve contact beyond their immediate relations. A decision was taken to play the Valencia Champions League clash behind closed doors with Atalanta. In the meantime, Ligue 1 side Saint-Etienne cancelled their open weekly training sessions, 


Furthermore, sports such as baseball, cricket, swimming, running, Formula One, basketball, boxing and more have been affected, as well as football. Following an outbreak in northern Italy, the Six Nations clash scheduled for March 7 between Italy and Ireland was postponed. Also postponed was the game between England and Italy on March 14. It is predicted that the Six Nations organizers will make a statement about the future of this year's tournament.