Lee Bowyer knew of the transfer embargo imposed by the EFL on Charlton Athletic in January but decided to remain at the club after promises over the situation.

The Addicks boss who signed a new long-term deal in January to stay at the club was speaking as recent altercations between club owner Tahnoon Nimer and Chairman Matt Southall brought the embargo to light.

Interestingly Bowyer revealed he was told the transfer restrictions would be dropped which they clearly have not as he bemoaned the timing of the spat with the club facing a 'sox-pointer' with relegation rivals Hull City on Staurday.

“It’s been a difficult few days,” he said on Thursday morning.

“It’s been crazy what’s going on and it’s frustrating because the game is so important.

“I just wish it all came out in January.

“With nine games to go, you couldn’t have timed it any worse.

“I don’t want to walk away, I could have done that in January everybody knows what the club means to me.

“I knew the situation we were in with the embargo and I decided to stay and fight for the club.

“The worrying this is once that embargo got put on us in January I was told it would be fixed the next day, and we’re still under it now.

“I want to believe everything will be ok, but everyone knows there are a lot of things that are going on that are not ok.

“I think the EFL have to change their regulation.

“If a group of people want to buy a club, there should be a regulation that you should have to put X amount of money into a separate account that no one can touch.

“That’s what should be happening going forward.”