Charlton’s future is in jeopardy according to the club's supporters trust.

The admission comes after CAST, Charlton Athletic Supporters Trust, met with the club’s Chairman, Matt Southall on Wednesday evening.

Following a breakdown in relationship between the club’s majority shareholder, Tahnoon Nimer, and Southall, the club is in ‘crisis.’

Nimer accused Southall of misusing club finances, allegations the latter denies, with Southall in return accusing Nimer of lack of investment.

On Tuesday the English Football League confirmed via a statement that the club are under a ‘registration embargo’ following a failure to meet a deadline to show proof of funds.

“We are left extremely concerned the future of the club is going to be determined by an acrimonious legal battle, the resolution of which seems a long time away,” CARD said in their statement.

“Southall said that there will be sufficient funds to run (the club) until Christmas 2020 even if Nimer provides no funding. He said this comes, in the short term, from monies left by Duchatelet, the January EFL payment and instalments from previously transferred players, (e.g. Joe Gomez). In the medium term he estimates that funding from gate receipts and payments from the EFL will be enough to reach December. He added that there may also be further instalments from previous transfers. We confess that we find it hard to share this optimism, especially if Championship status is not maintained.”

During the meeting Southall addressed and justified his earnings from the club, stating statements released which show his earnings in January are infact backdated to when negotiations for the takeover took place.

With confusion over who is running the club, CAST said:

“There has been disagreement regarding Nimer’s position on the Club board. Southall stated that, having taken legal advice, his view is that Nimer has resigned.  This is based on social media posts from Monday of this week where Nimer said “I’m out”, and that he would no longer be providing funding.  He said that remaining board members took this as a clear unequivocal message of his resignation from the board, which they have the right to take at face value. We take the view that this will be legally challenged.”

CAST labelled the whole situation as ‘extremely alarming’ as they waited to hear their requests to speak to Nimer’s representatives.

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