Tahnoon Nimer remains committed in taking Charlton from ‘strength to strength’ according to his lawyer.

The future of Charlton Athletic was plunged into doubt in the last 48hours after the public breakdown of the relationship between Chairman Matt Southall and the Club Director, Nimer.

Nimer, whose company Panorama Magic General Contracting LLC backed East Street Investments takeover of the club, threatened to withdraw his backing after accusing Southall of miss-using club funds.

Speaking on talkSPORT radio, Nimer’s lawyer Chris Farnell addressed suggestions by Southall that Nimer had failed to invest in the club since the take over and was still committed to Charlton Athletic, prioritiisng the removal of Southall from his post.

“Nothing’s changed, the desire is still that Charlton go from strength to strength,” Farnell said.

“It’s most unfortunate the club have been dragged into this position by Mr Southall’s press releases and statement in the media.”

In a statement made on Tuesday, Nimer said he froze any ‘capital contribution’ into the club while his team looked into the financial dealings at the club.

In the statement Nimer accused Southall of failing to meet the March 4th deadline set by the English Football League in receiving access to audit the club accounts, resulting in a ‘registration embargo,’ which the EFL confirmed.

“Mr. Nimer has been put into a position by the actions of an individual and those actions need to be looked at,” Farnell continued.

“Mr Nimer has been left with no alternative.

“This stems from the fact that Mr. Southall refused to allow auditors having access to club accounts.

“Some questions Mr. Southall will have to answer will be in relation to how the club has been run since the takeover in relation to finance.

“You’d think it’d be straight forward to allow auditors to look at the account and answer questions, unfortunately it’s not the case.

“Mr. Southall is simply refusing to co-operate.”

Regarding Southall’s allegations that Nimer has failed to invest in the club since taking over, Farnell rebutted the claims while also confirming that the ‘funds have been proven’ to the EFL.

“The allegations are slightly misleading, a takeover is quite naturally complex, Nimer never suggested money would be put in in February or March, what is the case is that financial backing has been given and will be given when required and needs put in, not on the whim of Mr Southall.”