Jon Dadi Bodvarsson was full of praise for Gary Rowett and believes that Millwall have improved a lot under him.

Millwall lost 4-0 away to Fulham in a very one-sided contest earlier in the season. Wednesday night’s 1-1 draw was a demonstration of Millwall’s improvement under Rowett.

On the boss, Bodvarsson said: “Gary Rowett has polished us a bit, made us believe in ourselves and our abilities because we have some really good players.

“He’s given us much more confidence to go forward and express ourselves on the field and mix it up a bit, not just long balls and chasing.

“He’s set the tone from day one and he’s been brilliant for us.”

With a place at Euro 2020 still a possibility for the Icelandic striker, he will be hoping to end the season in good form.

When asked about his personal targets for the rest of the year, Bodvarsson said:

“I want to try to start as many games as I can.

“As a centre forward you want a run of games to gain more confidence and get on a run, but I understand at the same time that Smudge (Matt Smith) and Bradders (Tom Bradshaw) have been really good this season.

“My goal for the rest of the season was to score more goals and get the team higher up the table.”

With Millwall now seven points off of the top six, a playoff push is beginning to look unlikely for the Lions.

Bodvarsson admitted: “It’s dangerous to start thinking about going to go up through the playoffs or automatically.

“You take it game by game, it’s the old cliched boring answer, but it’s true.

“So, we will take it game by game and see how far that takes us.”