Tom Lockyer has revealed what exactly went on with Hal Robson-Kanu during Charlton’s 2-2 draw with West Brom.

As half-time approached the pair were seen on the deck, in what seemed a wrestling match, on the half-way line as play carried on around them.

With play carrying on, the duo were still embraced until Kenneth Zahore’s effort was comfortably saved by Dillon Phillips and the referee could calm the situation.

When the dust settled, with Lockyer clearly aggrieved by something, both men were given a caution.

“I’ve pinched the ball of him and we’ve landed on the floor,” he said.

“He’s holding my arm down, so I’ve rolled around and he’s holding me down.

“He’s tried to get me in a headlock so I’ve ducked under it, he’s holding my arm I’m holding his arm, and no one wants to let go then do they?!

“I thought it was a foul, because I wanted to get up and to play on.

“I’m more annoyed with the fourth official because when the ref plays on he has to follow the ball, but the fourth official is stood on the half way line, what’s he doing?

“He’s got to be looking straight at it, and if he is there’s no way I’m getting booked for what happened.”

Ultimately it was a classic case of ‘handbags’ with Lockyer admitted:

“I don’t mind it, I saw him at the end and told him ‘it was a good battle.”

His manger however was less than impressed by his players reaction to the incident, with Deji Oshilaja stepping into break up the chaos leaving Zahore a clean run through to goal.

This Is Local London:

“I don’t know what happened I wasn’t fussed,” Bowyer admitted.

“One thing that did bug me was Deji went over and tried to split it up and they just run through the middle and had a shot.

“I wanted them to leave them to it, whatever they’re doing is not important, the important thing is to stop them scoring.

“That’s the thing that drove me mad.

“Stay in your defensive position and stop them breaking, they run straight through the middle of us!”