Lee Bowyer won’t be rushing into signing the five-year Charlton deal offered to him.

Matt Southall, the club’s new Chairman, revealed on Thursday that Bowyer was offered a five-year deal to stay at Charlton beyond his current dal that expires this summer. 

With Bowyer’s agent back in the country for Saturday’s 2-2 draw with West Brom, it was expected that he and Southall would negotiate.

Bowyer however gave an update revealing he won’t be rushing into anything and it could be Monday until there’s any news.

“Five years sounds great but it’s not like a player,” he said.

“I’ve not really took much notice of the offer because, how do I put it, five-years sounds great, but that’s not like a player that you’re there for five years.

“If you leave within two years you get three years compensation.

“As a manager it’s completely different.

“It could be a year compensation, so it becomes a year rolling contract for five years.

“Completely different to a player.

“Obviously it’s great saying it’s a five-year contract, but it may be a one-year rolling five-year contract, so I have to see how long that rolling contract is.

“That’s what I need to sit down and see, it could be six months, because that’s what it is at the moment.

“No doubt later I’ll try and unwind a little bit and speak to my agent tomorrow.

“Hopefully they’ve put something together.

“Monday morning will be a perfect scenario for me and the club.”