Jake Cooper feels aggrieved he was not awarded a penalty in Millwall’s 1-1 draw with Hull City.

The defender saw his appeals waived away by referee Oliver Langford and claimed it’s not the first time this season referees have failed to spot infringements in the area.

Millwall were awarded a first half penalty when Matt Smith was brought down which Jed Wallace converted, but Cooper feels he and Smith should’ve been awarded another.

“Set plays are massive for us, teams do what they can to stop us and if refs don’t see it there’s nothing else we can do,” a frustrated Cooper said.

“100% I had a penalty in the first half.

“If that happens anywhere else on the pitch it is a foul every day of the week.

“It’s happened a couple of times this season.

“You’re not going to get them all, refs are reluctant to give decisions like that in English football.

“We’re talking to the refs every time, telling them they are fouling.

“There’s not much more we can do, they have to take responsibility and look at our games and how people are fouling us all the time.

“It’s not great when it happens.

“We got a penalty in the first half, maybe that made the ref not want to give us another one.”

VAR has been introduced in top flight football, but the technology hasn’t been implemented in Championship football yet, a decision Cooper feels would’ve benefited the Lions this season.

“I think I would’ve had three penalties in this league if we had VAR, but unfortunately the funding isn’t there for it to be in this league.

“But we make the most of what we can and make the ref know we deserve them.”

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