If steel is the hardest metal known to man, then Anfernee Dijksteel’s name fits him like a pair of gauntlets.

The 22-year old was faultless in the play-off final and his fancy flick into the path of Lyle Taylor started the comeback from the disastrous opening minutes.

The full-back has been a revelation, and his form this season has left Addick’s legend Chris Solly on the bench.

It was no different at Wembley and will most likely be no different next season in the Championship.

Playing a 3-5-2 in the first-half, Dijksteel showcased his tenacious defensive ability through quelling the threat of Sunderland’s Luke O’Nien and Brian Oviedo with ease.

A clattering tackle into the later early into the first-half made the Spaniard think twice about bombing forward.

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Wondering forward 35 minutes in, Dijksteel found himself in a striker’s position.

The ball was hurled towards him by Joe Aribo and the defender had his back to goal.

Most defenders would have let it ricochet off them and hoped for the best, but Anfernee is no usual defender.

He saw an opportunity and he took it. What followed next, was a moment of skill that defined the game.

He pulled off a Bergkamp-esque flick set free Lyle Taylor who whipped low ball into the back post and Ben Purrington was there to tap home.

It was turning-point of the match, one which started with a defender’s brilliance. It will be a moment which many will forget about as Patrick Bauer’s last minute winner will engulf the memories of Addick fans for a life time.

Dijksteel finished the game pretty much how he started it. Solid, slick and assured in possession. He will never be on the back pages, like most of his team-mates but his job is to defend and help the team in the final third when given the chance.

He did that today, and his performance epitomised Charlton’s as a whole.

The young full-back has a huge future ahead of him, and I wouldn't bet against him making bigger strides next season in the Championship.