Sunday stepped up to the County Intermediate Cup and played AFC Hanwell from the Chiswick League. Hanwell started brighter and opened the scoring, but unlike some other games  the boys were up for this one and there was no doubt we wouldn't let our heads drop. Jack Cooley scored the first with a header after the ball ricoshade off several heads from a brilliant corner. What a corner it was. Rick then went down cryinglike a girl and had to be replaced by Adam who was back fresh from his honeymoon. He scored a quick goal and then, soon after Adam received an injury - torn calf muscle. Not sure who passed the ball to him but it must have been Sean S. The excited crowd were then treated to some wonderful football with Sean in particular splaying the ball around the pitch like  Glenn Hoddle. He was toying with the Hanwell defence, turning them inside and out, what a display. It wasn't long before Damo went down clutching his leg, crying like a girl. What is it with injury’s today? Soon after Sean S waltzed round nine defenders and hit a 90 yard pass right on to the head of Sean Moran, who didn't even have to move his head. The ball just hit him as he was running, such was the accuracy. Just before the end Sean S won a penalty but graciously let Darryl take it - what a guy. One half of the Crunch Cousins, Chris Clarke, broke his leg in four places and lost three toes but he didn't cry like a girl. He just said he'll go up front and try to run it off.

A superb display with everyone playing well and no quarter given. Jack hit some great passes round the pitch and Cheesey swept everything up at the back. But if the whole team were good, Sean S was exceptional and you should have seen mummy's little soldier's face light up when he found out he got man-of-the-match :)

Jay Reader St Marks Catholic School