In the last few years Marvel has released numerous movies and TV shows, yet they have been met with harsh criticism which mounts for each film. Despite this I was eagerly awaiting the release of The Marvels, the sequel of the 2019 movie Captain Marvel which was the first female led Marvel film. 

The most special element of this movie was its character driven storyline and the relationships fostered between characters. The movie followed Captain Marvel as her powers got entangled with those of her estranged niece and her biggest fan. All three women are compelling characters played by amazingly talented actresses as Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers grapples with the consequences her actions are having on both the universe and the people she loves most. Alongside her Monica Rambau played by Teyonah Parris navigates a world without her mother and with new found superpowers. Perhaps the most captivating performance of all is that of Iman Velani whose enthusiasm and emotional depth while playing Kamala Khan lights up the screen. Furthermore the chemistry between the three characters is wonderful, from moments of emotional tension, to hilarity and awkwardness. The emotional journey of the relationship between Carol and Monica adds layers which make it less of a conventional superhero movie, leaving me and the rest of the audience with deep affection for these hilarious and heartwarming characters.

Not only do the three leading lady’s create a compelling storyline but there is a hilarious scene where cats (well animals that seem like cats) save the day in a peculiar and chaotic way creating a light and humorous atmosphere. Additionally as in line with more traditional Marvel scenes, there is not a shortage of fight scenes. The highlight of these is the clever way in which the three characters take advantage of their interwoven powers to switch places in battle. The most impressive element of the movie was the way it balanced the darker themes of morality and complicated wars between alien races and the fun mayhem such as planets where signing is speech. It is a film you can experience every kind of emotion with, from laughter to tears and everything in between. A truly special viewing which will appeal to both avid MCU fans and those who have never seen a Marvel movie.