Set amongst the Yorkshire moors, the film is lent a sense of wildness and freedom. Pairing this backdrop with the wild range of emotions captured in such a short amount of time, the audience quickly becomes tangled amongst the passion, with no means of escape. But, why would you want to leave? For this passion and freedom is what makes the film so fantastic. It’s the things that morphs it into a masterpiece, each created with incredible detail and artistry. It would be untrue to say that this film didn’t leave me with a sense of awe. 


Emma Mackey’s portrayal of Emily Bronte is nothing short of beautiful. With every scene she draws us further into the depths of Emily’s emotions, pulling at our heartstrings and making every nerve dance. She slowly peels back the layers of Bronte, gradually revealing the passion, wit, love and genius hidden within her soul. 


However she presents more than just Bronte's personality, she embodies the way so many women feel today, the sense of being an outsider, the other; and yet she twists this feeling into something magnificent. Something that makes one interesting and brilliant, something that should be embraced. This film is more than just a piece of context to Wuthering Heights, it is a piece of art that people can look at and see themselves within the fine lines. And, hopefully, breathe a breath of fresh air and realise that being an outsider is anything but abnormal. 


Emily shortens the distance between past and present, bringing to light how truly similar we are to the figures who so often seem so far away. For once, so many of us are able to relate to a person only seen in the history books and realise that we are anything but alone in our emotions.


This is a film that should be witnessed by all.