The musical romcon starring Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson takes you through the story of famous pop star Kat Valdez (Jennifer Lopez) and Charlie (Owen Wilson) who is a divorced maths teacher. This movie is definitely for fans who love light hearted romantic films. 

In Marry Me it starts of by Kat Valdez about to Marry her boyfriend, who also is in the music industry, Infront of 20 million people on stage but then minutes before getting on stage she discovers that her boyfriend cheated on her. As a result she pulled Charlie from the audience and asked him to marry her. Charlie and Kats worlds are arms lengths apart but they agree to this fake relationship.  A publicity stunt but could it turn into something more? 

The sound track used in the movie has to be one of my favourite elements about it. I liked the casting i feel as if everyone played their roles really well. The movie does have a feel of predictability to it which i was not a fan off. It's a good film but it seemed a bit too basic and like every other romcom. If there was some plotwists that were original the movie may have been better. The movie also had a 2010 element to it. It was not as modern as you would expect it to be. The comedy element in the film was done better than the romantic element regardless of the poor quality of the movie overall. It is still watchable and a sweet movie just not performed to it’s best ability.

Overall i feel like i would give this movie a solid 6 out of 10 simply due to the predictability of the movie. However if you like to watch predictable movies it is definitely one to check out.