11 years later scream makes a thrilling return to our screens. The 90s franchise is back leaving us all hooked to our seats. The small town of Woodsboro seems to never be able to get rid of Ghostface as it makes its return after 25years to torture highschool kids leading to the return of the original cast.

Years after the last attack in Woodsboro Ghostface makes its return attacking a young girl called Tara Carpenter ( Jenna Ortega ) causing her sister Samantha ( Melissa Barrera ) to come back to town. When Tara and Samantha realise that they need some 'professional' help in taking down Ghostface they ask retired sherrif Dewey Riely ( David Arquette ) to assist them in their misson which then leads to the return of Gale Weathers ( Courteney Cox ) and Sidney Presscot ( Neve Campbell ). 

The opening iconic scene is my absolute favourite as yes you guessed it there is a phone call from the psycho who asks 3 questions which determine wether they live or die. The suspense followed by the dramatic music really pulls the scene together. 

Sidney Presscot does not take the lead in this movie as much but certainly pulls the whole thing together. 

The movie has some mind blowing plot twists keeping you on the edge of your seats at all time. The movie was very well produced and had an engaging storyline. The use of the original cast is very effective as it brings back old viewers who would of watched the previous scream films as well as bring new viewers with the use of well known new actors such as Jenna Ortega. 

If you want to feel the suspense and feel like you are in Woodsboro living this crazy fantasy i recommend going to watch the movie in 4DX in cinema. 4DX delivers an immersive multi-sensory cinematic experience. Be aware if you suffer with motion sickness as the seats move a lot. 

I personally love the first ever scream movie to be made but this one may have to be second in line as it is so good and worth watching. The plot and characters made the film.