Before entering the cinema, a lingering sense of doom seemed to follow every step. As a devoted fan of most sci-fi and dystopias, my expectations were high, but something still seemed off... Hands on my heart, I walked in, ready for my first cinema experience since the very first lockdown. 


From the moment the movie began, confusion could be seen clouding all over the audience's faces. With little background or recap, we thrown in media res to the life of Mr Anderson (Neo) where he has been corporatised and seemingy consumed by a game company. The philosophical questions were gone, the mysterious yet thrilling action was almost mocked by poor CGI and the fresh flavour of the Matrix was swapped for a stale, expired aftertaste. 


All of the most important elements of a movie (innovative scripts, revolutionairy chararcters, plots and engaging stories) were overlooked in favour of regurgatated plot points and cheaply written nostalgia. The entire piece was just a poster reading "Hey, remember this?". 


Even at the end, where heartwarming reunifications were supposed to sweep the audienceoff their feet, it was interrupted with unncecessary, chunky twists that were placed merely to fill up time. 


Overall, The Matrix Resuurections were litte more than a quest for more money - a milking of the franchise. Perhaps it should have ended on a high note.


- Yasmeen Shaker, Esher Sixth Form College