With the new blockbuster Spidey film being released in London on December 15th 2021, viewers and cinemagoers are losing their minds over the latest installment in marvel’s ever expanding cinematic universe. (For all the Spiderman fans reading, this review is spoiler free, so there is no need to worry!)

This phenomenal flick hits home heavy for many marvel fans, and will undoubtedly be the talk of the town (or multiverse) for years to come until marvel ends up making another masterpiece such as this one. The movie packs its power punch right from the start, as director Jon watts delves watchers right into the plot straight from where he left us last off in the previous installment of the franchise, Spiderman: far from home, where Mysterio ends up revealing Spiderman’s identity to the whole world as peter parker.

Peter’s latest predicament leads to a series of other predicaments, as we had already seen him fighting off the villains of the past from other worlds in the promotion of the film. Peter’s multiversal adventure leads him and the rest of his crew through an emotional, in-depth, unparalleled roller-coaster of scenes, highlights, and moments that will be held in regard as some of cinema’s greatest junctures in history. Tom Holland’s performance as Peter Parker will leave fans stunned and ready to count every second until we are able to see him as the friendly neighborhood crime-fighter on the big screen again.

This film, for numerous fans, has already certainly solidified Holland’s place in the spider hall of fame, and has even been dignified with the titles of “greatest Spiderman movie of all time”, or “greatest marvel movie of all time”, which holds plenty of weight considering the enormous legacy marvel has been slowly planting over the past 2 decades with its consistent catalog of superhero stories being brought to the big screen. The legacy of Spiderman is certainly an incredible pair of shoes to fill, but marvel studios and the insanely talented crew and cast have pulled through and met every aspect of fan expectations in this movie, keeping its audience entertained throughout this entire film.

What is even more evident about the weight of this film is the unbelievable audience reactions frequent in every showing of this movie. As we all know, cinemas in London are almost always dead silent throughout movies, but Spiderman no way home was a clear exception. The whole cinema was ringing while certain scenes played in the movie: in a place where you rarely ever hear any noise, it’s truly a blessing to hear such excitement in the crowds finally seeing what they’ve been dying to see for years. This film will go down in the hearts of marvel fans as a true masterpiece that many already see as un-toppable.

Cinema-goers in Sutton have already voiced their approval of the film: one viewer stated that they “loved Peter’s development throughout the film” and that they are “excited to see what marvel will do with the character after this film”. Another viewer pointed out that the “cinematography was brilliant” and that the “plot created an epic atmosphere”. One thing all viewers stated in common was that this was the “best Spiderman movie of all”, clearly highlighting the effect and influence this movie has already had on fans, and especially the younger ones who have grown up watching Spiderman throughout the last decade or so.

Not only is this movie influential to the fans of every generation, but it is influential to the very will of story-telling, as no other Spiderman story has explored the depth of this character in the way that this film has. The beauty of Spiderman no way home is that we receive a brand new, mind-blowing perspective on the classic tale of the wall-crawler that has never-before been explored within other Spiderman films, taking previous ideas of the character which we know and love and mixing them with new exciting concepts, drawing inspiration from the comics, cartoons, the movies and the games to create an overall twist on the legend of Spider-man.

In truth, Spiderman no way home is a clear modern day masterpiece which will go down in the history books as one of the greatest films to ever be made. There is no exaggeration in this. This movie is really that good. Seriously. Now make sure you get out and go get tickets for this movie before they’re all sold out. And make sure you bring plenty of tissues with you, because there’s not a single chance you won’t leave that cinema hall without a single tear drop from your eye.