‘Dear Evan Hansen’ is a musical drama starring Ben Platt, Kaitlyn Dever and Colton Ryan.

It’s the story of an anxious high school student who longs to be understood. While embarking on a journey of self-discovery , a letter which he wrote for a writing excercise, falls into the hands of a grieving couple whose son commited suicide. This film is very emotional and engaging . love, lies and betrayal are key themes within the movie and the audience gets to see a major character build up of the main character Evan Hansen as we witness his developmet throughout the film. This film creates awareness of mental health and along with entertaing the audience it also teaches them of how serious mental health is and creates awareness.

An unnamed source says “ Dear Evan Hansen is a great film and really is a crowd pleaser not only because of the plot and the story but because of the awareness of mental health and how serious things can get if not handled properly.” This is a great film and is highly recommended to anyone who enjoys an emotional , feel-good film which is very engaging. Overall its about an 8.5/10 and is definatly worth seeing.