Today I was privileged enough to be able to go to the Warner Bros Studio, on a school trip. I got to share this magical experience with all my friends, which I am incredibly grateful for and I got to go to the place where all the Harry Potter films, Paddington, The Witches and Fast and Furious had all been brought to life.

We travelled to the Studio by coach and upon arrival we were greeted by a lady who works in the film industry. We were then taken to a room that had all the cool props from the original Harry Potter films, we got to see Hagrid's face mask and his huge trousers which he wore in the movie. We then learnt about the main parts of a screenplay and in groups we tried to arrange scenes from the first film Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in chronological order. We then discussed the film and had a competion where the group who created the best screenplay would win a prize. During the competion, each group recieved different props that had once been part of actual movie sets. The props our group recieved were a golden violin, a bracelet and a silver cup. We then created a screenplay called Violin Boy which was inspired by our props. All our screenplays ended up being really creative and we all won the prize which was a souvenir guidebook

 Before the tour we all decided to have lunch and we went downstairs to the Food Hall. I ordered cod and chips which tasted heavenly. After, we made our way to the tour entrance and as we entered we saw some of the iconic sets from the Harry Potter films. We were also given a passport to stamp at key areas as we made our way through the tour. New for 2021, we got to experience the special Hogwarts In The Snow feature and see the forbidden forest drenched with snow which made everything so remarkable. We also got to to go to the cinema room and watch an overview of the films as well as the green room where we posed with broomsticks and made it look like we were flying. We also saw some special effects and learnt about the people who really made the film what it is. During the middle of the tour we got to stop at the Backlot Café and had the opportunity to buy Butterbeer as well as Butterbeer ice cream. I got the ice cream which I found delicious! We then saw the Knight Bus and number 4 Privet Drive. After, we went to the gift shop and then made our way home by coach.

My favourite parts of the tour were definitely going on the Hogwarts train, seeing the Gryffindor Common Room and seeing the Great Hall decorated for Christmas. Going on the tour was almost like stepping into new world and and it was just a truly incredible experience that I would recommend to everyone. Miss Karen my teacher said 'I found it truly inspiring!'. My friend Harkirat said that 'The trip was very fun and and enjoyable'. My best friend Sri also said that 'It was amazing!' I will be definitely going again to Warner Bros Studio because i had such an amazing time today. Thank you for reading my article.