Should Alex Jones be allowed on Joe Rogan’s podcast?



Joe Rogan is the Gordon Ramsay of the podcast game , they do not share an intense rage at the slightest fault rather the common theme is their respect success in their industry. Joe rogan recently signed a $100,000,000 deal with audio giant Spotify and reels in hundreds of millions of listeners monthly. His podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ is simply put the biggest podcast in the world and has a gargantuan platform for people to talk on : from Astro-physicist Brian Cox , too 2020 president candidate Kanye West ,  too pyschonaut Dennis McKenna and Elon Musk , Edward Snowden , Mike Tyson and Bernie Sanders to name another few .  As exemplified Joe tackles countless topics  and hosts various characters on his show but the infamous appearance from conspiracy theorist and anti-globalist Alex Jones has raised a few questions from people , including Spotify who have banned the Alex Jones episode for his record of ‘dangerous conspiracies’


Alex Jones has claimed that the chemicals in the water ‘turn the frogs gay’ previously on his infowars show , this is a fairly harmless conspiracy theory but he has talked about conspiracies regarding the sandy hook shooting and is a big believer in the Pizzagate conspiracy as well as a known hater of George Soros. These conspiracies tiptoe in to murkier waters that can have much more wide reaching negative consequences and so for his impassioned speeches on such conspiracies he has been widely banned and silenced across social media.


However Joe Rogan hosted Alex Jones claiming that he may not believe everything Alex has to say but he’d “die for his right to say it” He strongly believes in “Freedom of speech” and is a well known opponent of P.C and Cancel culture and gladly hosted him and his conspiracies on the show. They talked about subjects from the government harvesting babies organs  to 9/11 conspiracies and it led to Alex Jones claiming he was “kind of retarded” the podcast is Joe’s second biggest ever just behind the Elon Musk episode. This clearly shows people love to hear Alex Jones whether they want to actually note his conspiracies or just laugh at how hilarious he is we will never know.


Just because how hilarious the episode was I believe everyone should be able to hear it and freedom of speech underpins our entire democracy so to censor someone so explicitly is dangerous and may lead to increased censorship in the future. Joe Rogan has responded to Spotify by again hosting Alex Jones later this week.


Thanks for reading – Patrick Hodgson