Call The Midwife star Georgie Glen has revealed how a heartbreaking twist in the popular BBC show reminds her of her late mother.

This comes as the 67-year-old actor, who plays Millicent Higgins, shared that something big about her character will come to light in the series finale.

The revelation about Miss Higgins will begin with the arrival of a "mysterious figure," forcing her to confront a huge secret.

Call The Midwife star Georgie Glen reveals how a heartbreaking twist reminds her of her late mother

Talking to The Express, the Call The Midwife star said: "What's lovely about the character is she's not just two-dimensional, there is a whole person there with a past - and I often liken her to my mother, actually, who lived in that sort of age at that time.

"And the funny thing is, I remember her coming out with something about her past when I was in my 20s.

"My father had had a stroke and was in hospital, and it was that first night when you're all slightly electrified and you're waiting to hear what's happening, and you speak in a very unguarded way."

The BBC star added: "And she talked about her past and a bit of me thought, 'I don't want to hear this, I don't want to know,' which is selfish, and I wish I'd engaged a bit more with it because she wanted to tell me something, and I was dealing with dad. But that came back to me [when filming the scenes] because we are capable of burying things so deeply."

While the details of the twist involving Miss Higgins are yet to be revealed, Linda, 74, who had a great time filming for the scenes, said: "I have a lovely story at the end of the series with Miss Higgins. We love doing stuff together Georgie and I because it's...old friends is not something you often see.

She added: "We have a beautiful story. I love it."

Call The Midwife concludes on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on March 10.