Making sure your post gets to the right place in a timely fashion is something we all think about when using the Royal Mail.

The country's postal service uses a system of stamps which denote how long your parcel will take to be delivered.

The higher the class of stamp purchased, the faster the time of delivery.

If you're wondering how long it takes 1st and 2nd Class stamped mail to be delivered by the Royal Mail, look no further.

How much do 1st and 2nd Class stamps from the Royal Mail cost?

According to the Royal Mail, the cost of a standard 1st Class stamp book (4x) is £5.40. The Large Letter 1st Class stamp book costs £8.40.

A Large Letter 2nd Class stamp book on the other hand costs £6.20.

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How fast are 1st and 2nd Class stamped items delivered?

The UK Government website states that 1st Class mail is delivered within one day of being dispatched.

2nd Class mail is delivered within two days of being sent out by the postal service.

When does the Royal Mail deliver post in the UK?

The Royal Mail delivers post from Monday to Saturday each week with no deliveries being made on Sunday. This excludes bank holidays.

Letters to Europe are delivered within three to five days of being dispatched by the postal service.

Letters sent anywhere else in the world take five to seven days to be delivered.