Canary Wharf is most definitely not a sight to miss, especially, when the towering, office lights sparkle in the moonlight. 

With it once being the busiest dockland in the world, the now, business central is an enriched financial hub not to mention the fascinating botanical gardens, enlightening museums and seasonal Christmas activities. 

The cross rail in Canary Wharf has a crucial role in the city’s bustling transportation. This distinctive, architectural masterpiece is definitely difficult to miss as its unique, transparent, lattice roof not only contains one of nine new railway stations but it also houses one of the largest roof gardens in London. Quench every one of your senses in this exotic, interactive, open, green space, if you could bring the outdoors, indoors, this outstanding showpiece would definitely take first place. Wander through and admire the aesthetic of each hemisphere through their native plants, relax on the benches nestled in hidden pathways and, if you get a kick out of drama, you can immerse yourself in one of the entertaining shows available in the amphitheatre! 

As soon as November strikes, Canary Wharf magically transforms into a Winter Wonderland. The classic Christmas market opens (only for a limited amount of time!) and this year is no exception as  it is spurting with festivity and joy thanks to the stalls which sell original handcrafted gifts and mouth-watering treats; sprinkled with cinnamon, spice and everything nice!  

Once your heart is contend and your legs can’t walk anymore, relax and immerse yourself in a quirky mulled wine tasting with your friends, not in a regular pub though, but on a boat!  Have you ever heard of a pub floating on the River Thames? Soak yourself, not in the river, but in the rich history of London, free gigs and the traditional, cosy setting of the pub whilst admiring the views of Westminster and the Houses of Parliament.  

Canary Wharf is a beautifully intricate city, within a city, in London that is definitely worth a visit. In a few years’ time, it will be known as one of the Seven Wonders of the World!