After two years, the nation's most highly anticipated annual boat race returns to the River Thames. 

As universities Oxford and Cambridge battle it out to be named the champions in a tradition that's now in its 167th year.

The boat race sees thousands flock to the river banks of the Thames to catch the two teams go head to head and after the forced break from the pandemic, this year expected some of the biggest crowds ever.

This year could even make history if Oxford wins, after Cambridge won the past four years for women and three years for the men's races.

Whether you were planning on heading down to watch the main event or staying in the comfort of your own home, we've got everything you need to know. 

From how to watch, the route, and what time the races will start. 

This Is Local London: Watch the Boat Race. (PA)Watch the Boat Race. (PA)

What time does the Boat Race start?

There are four races taking place today, with the women's race first and ending with the men's. 

The races start at: 

  • 14:23pm Women's Boat Race
  • 14:38pm Osiris v Blondie Boat Race
  • 14:53pm Isis v Goldie Boat Race
  • 15:23pm Men's Boat Race

The Boat Race Route

The race follows the same route every year starting at Putney near Putney Bridge and the iconic The Duke's Head pub. 

Along the way, the race goes under Hammersmith Bridge and past Cheswick Eyot as well as many pubs that will be filled with spectators. 

The last leg of the race goes through Corney Beach and under Barnes Bridge with the finish line at Chiswick Bridge. 

How to watch the Boat Race:

If you don't plan on traveling up to watch the race but still want to watch the tense scenes then do not panic as you're in luck, with the BBC once again covering the sporting event. 

The Boat Race coverage will be across BBC platforms including BBC One, Player, and the BBC Sport website. 

Coverage starts on BBC One at 2.50pm and ends at 4.20pm.