If you're wondering what to cook for a nice romantic meal this Valentine's Day and want to keep the mood right, we've got the perfect ingredients. 

Avocados, salmon, strawberries, and chocolate are the perfect choice to try this Valentine's Day with each triggering the 'pleasure' hormones in the brain. 

But there is one surprise contender that although is a Brits favourite, you may not think would benefit your sex drive. 

According to nutritionist Sal Hanvey from food intolerance specialist YorkTest, they say baked beans have the same effect as aphrodisiac oysters. 

This Is Local London: Chocolate is great for Valentine Day activities. (YorkTest) Chocolate is great for Valentine Day activities. (YorkTest)

Baked beans are rich in zinc which helps regulate testosterone levels in the body and can increase your sexual desire. 

So it's worth keeping a note that beans do not only give you gas but also some extra joy and mood-boosting vibes to your day. 

But if you're not a fan of beans then don't worry as there are plenty of other food options to get you going this Valentine's Day. 

Food high in vitamin C can support the adrenal system keeping you awake and excited after a long hard day at work.

Sal Hanvey at food intolerance test provider YorkTest, said, “To lead a full and happy life, understanding more about the effects that certain foods have on the body is crucial.

“Even beyond boosting libido, if you unknowingly eat food that you’re intolerant to, you could quickly feel uncomfortable - no one wants to feel gassy or bloated, whether it’s date night or not.”

So maybe swap the luxury and expensive oysters for baked beans this Valentine's Day and be surprised by the results.