Christmas may not yet have passed, but as the indulgence of this month takes its toll, many of us will be thinking ahead to the New Year and contemplating taking part in Dry January.

Dry January involves abstaining from alcoholic beverages for the whole month in aid of health and wellbeing. Some people even do it for charity.

For those taking part, and for the many of us who don’t drink alcohol at all, Morrisons has some great deals on non-alcoholic options for you to try.

For those looking for a sober Christmas, some of these deals are available already.

This Is Local London: Morrisons deals on non-alcoholic drinks (Morrisons)Morrisons deals on non-alcoholic drinks (Morrisons)

Morrisons deals on non-alcoholic drinks

Highlight offers include:

You can shop these deals and more non-alcoholic beverages in stores and on the Morrisons website here.