Oslo Council will vote on whether to send over a new Christmas tree to London, due to criticism aimed at the original tree that was delivered.

The Norwegian spruce has been an annual gift to the people of London from Oslo each year since 1947, as a token of gratitude for British support for Norway during the Second World War

However, this year the tree that was placed in Trafalgar Square has received complaints, with it being described as an "absolute disgrace" as well as "scrawny" on Twitter.

The opposition leader of the Conservative Party in Oslo, Anne Haabeth Rygg, spoke to The Times on the state of the tree.

She said: "I've seen pictures of the tree looking sad and it shouldn't.

"The Brits played an important part in helping us win the war and this is supposed to be a symbol of appreciation."

However, according to the Daily Mail she was unsure if a new Christmas tree would arrive in quick enough time if approved by the Oslo Council.

Instead she proposed paying London to source a better tree from the UK itself.

However, the Conseravtive Party in the Norweigan capital only control a fifth of the council, and will need to convince 15 other representatives of helping to fund a new tree.