Just as it felt like January would never end and lockdown blues were at their highest, a superb snowy surprise hit London this Sunday morning. Mother Nature seemed to feel especially kind yesterday as she gave Londoners a beautiful spread of snow- it definitely lifted peoples' morale as the white treat brought out the childish joy and excitement in everyone. 

It began to fall at around 9:30 in the morning, eventually settling by midday and creating the most idyllic, picturesque setting of white blankets on the grass and sprinklings of snow on trees and rooftops. By the evening, the snow began to melt slowly yet kindly left remnants for today, prolonging the fresh, crisp air and stunningly bright skies to help people get through another Monday.

When I ventured out to Richmond park yesterday and experienced the snowy spectacle, it was wonderful to see so many families, couples and dog walkers enjoying the weather's surprise, being at one with nature and its gift. During times like these, when seeing loved ones or enjoying everyday, social interactions are restricted, a snow day was exactly what London needed- a day of putting aside any stresses or difficulties and embarking on fun-packed snowy walks, sledging, snow-ball fights and building snowmen with those close to us ... socially distanced of course! 

Although this may be the last we see of snow for a while, it is undoubtable that what we received yesterday was a blessing and a very late, but appreciated, Christmas miracle.