A collision between a driver and a cyclist near to Ham Gate in Richmond Park on February 18 led to renewed calls for cars to be banned from the park 

forResidents and politicians have raised concerns about safety in Richmond Park after a horror crash left a car crumpled and a cyclist suffering facial injuries.

Locals reacted on social media soon after Thursday's incident, leaving comments about what they thought should be done to prevent further accidents in the futureThe London Cycling Campaign has called on the Royal Parks to take "urgent action" by closing the park to through traffic.They tweeted: "End this preventable and senseless road menace.

"It is unacceptable that our parks have become places where these kinds of preventable incidents are so common. We call on The Royal Parks to take real action - stop the rat running, close the park to through-traffic to reduce this road menace."

They added: "We wish the cyclist makes a full and speedy recovery from this tragic and preventable incident."

Police confirmed on Thursday that the cyclist's injuries were not life threatening.

But many fear more accidents will happen if there are no changes.

In August the Royal Parks implemented a series of six-month trials to reduce cut through traffic in their parks.

In Richmond, the measures restrict all cut-through motor traffic between Broomfield Hill Car Park and Robin Hood Car Park on weekdays.

This also includes a full-time closure of the link between Sheen Gate and Sheen Cross.

On weekends, the trial restricts all cut-through motor traffic between Roehampton, Sheen and Richmond Gates to create a quiet zone on the north side of the park.

The trial is due to finish at the end of the month, when the Royal Parks will decide if they should extend, make permanent or revoke the measures.


Another user said they enjoyed using the park as a cylist each week but also travel with their family by car, and do not want to see them banned from the park as they help to make it more accessible for older and disabled residents.

"I would like to see more education, fines and enforcement on bad driving and cycling," he said.

A spokesperson for The Royal Parks said: “We can confirm that a road traffic accident took place in Richmond Park between a driver and a cyclist on the morning of Thursday, February 18. The police and ambulance service both attended the site and we understand no-one was badly injured. We wish both parties a speedy recovery.

Opposition transport spokeswoman at Wandsworth Council, councillor Jo Rigby said: "Everything I read about Richmond Park puts me off walking or cycling there. It sounds completely mismanaged as a public space. This collision was preventable."

She added: "I’m here to campaign for safe walking and cycling. This incident shows the park isn’t set up for that."

Local resident Jonathan Callaway says he regularly walks and cycles in the park, and that "Covid-driven cycle traffic" is making through traffic issues worse.

At the beginning of the pandemic a number of measures were introduced to help with social distancing, including the closure of the park's roads and car parks.

At the end of March even cycling was temporarily banned in the park (other than for under 12s and NHS workers) to prevent congestion at the park gates.

However, since reopening to both in the summer, the park has proved popular with visitors and has seen a lot of traffic congestion and speeding club cyclists.