They were all the rage before Covid-19 hit, and were forced like many of us to go virtual during lockdown.

Now with UK society opening up again and new case numbers receding, Escape Rooms are making a comeback, as Kingston is about to find out.

From Monday, a new Escape Room experience run by UK-wide company Escape Hunt will open its doors to budding new adventurers keen to dip their toes into some of the exhilarating and hair-raising challenges on offer.

"We’re thrilled to announce the opening of another UK venue post-lockdown, and that we’ll be bringing the magic of our immersive entertainment to Kingston," Escape Hunt CEO Richard Harpham said.

"Some of our most popular escape rooms will be opening at Escape Hunt Kingston, our first location in Greater London, and we couldn’t be more excited!" He added.

Escape Rooms are typically cooperative in-person games that create immersive experiences by creating thematic narratives and riddles that players must solve to "escape" the setting they find themselves in when playing.

Typically teams of two-six people work together to solve the puzzles and mind games involved.

Escape Hunt said that some of their "most popular" games including 'Alice in Puzzleland', 'The Fourth Samurai', 'Escape the Wild West', as well as "outdoor adventures which will allow players to explore the town" will be coming to their Kingston location from Monday.

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