A man from Kingston has been charged in connection to dealing heroin and crack cocaine after a raid in Chessington on Wednesday (July 8). 

The 25-year-old from Milman’s Street in Kingston was arrested as part of a police operation to tackle so-called County Lines drug dealing under the codename Operation Orochi. 

The operation is named after a mythical dragon from Japanese folklore with multiple heads, and is run by the Met Police who cooperated with Surrey Police in the Chessington raid. 

Police said that the Kingstonian arrested had been charged with "being concerned in the supply of heroin and crack cocaine". 

"The arrest yesterday (Wednesday 8 July) outside the force areas, co-incided with the execution of a warrant by officers from both forces at an address on Mount Road, in Chessington as part of the investigation," a police spokesperson said. 

The 25-year-old was remanded yesterday (July 9) to appear at Guildford Magistrates Court. 

A number of recent academic studies have linked the prohibition of drugs to increased levels of violence in relation to their supply. 

The Met Police launched Operation Orochi after receiving additional funding from the Home Office to go after county lines drug dealing that sees narcotics move across county and borough boundaries. 

On June 2, the Met revealed that: "more than 1,300 individuals linked to County Lines have been charged with violent offences including more than 20 murders, hundreds of robberies, and possession of firearms."