An Epsom man who beat cancer six times is running seven marathons across the planet's seven continents.

Epsom's Jonathan Acott, 44, has spent a third of his life confronting cancer, suffering tumours in his chest, lungs, kidney and bowel during his thirties.

Blood test results received last week show he's cancer free and has been in remission for 12 months.

"I know I've had cancer six times. I know it'll probably limit the length of my life. But I own that now, rather than railing against it, because I can't change it," he said.

"All I know is that if I exercise, I'm in a better mental space.

"My body and my mind are better prepared to deal with cancer should I get ill again," Jonathan added soon after learning he was cancer free.

The Epsom man said something that's helped his recovery and present physical endeavours were supplements, including CurraNZ, a product invented in New Zealand whose UK operation in based in Camberley.

During his rollercoaster journey through cancer, Jonathan climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, cycled from Land's End to John O Groats and completed an Iron Man challenge in France despite cancer being present in his system at the time.

"I've had a cumulative total of six months of chemotherapy in hospital, four major surgeries and have to take antibiotics for life because I have a compromised immune system.

"I have permanent nerve damage and hearing loss - amongst a host of other issues.

"Only with the last cancer - the tumour on my kidney - was I in pain. All the others have been so small that I didn't even notice they were there," he said, pointing out the insidious side of the disease.

Jonathan spoke candidly about how he previously considered taking his own life during his tribulations, but seeing a psychotherapist helped him through it.

In September he ran the Berlin Marathon in a time of 4 hours and 58 minutes.

The next leg of his monumental journey will take him to Africa for the Marrakech Marathon in Morocco in January next year.