The entire board of governors at Epsom and Ewell High School has been removed and the headteacher has resigned following a disastrous Ofsted report.

A new “superhead” has been appointed who has already introduced a series of zero tolerance policies among staff and pupils after the secondary school was placed in special measures.

Stricter standards of discipline are to be imposed on the 916 11-18 year old pupils when they return at the end of this week.

Any child not wearing correct school uniform will be sent home immediately and pupils who do not arrive at school on time for their year group will be kept in for an hour after school. There will also be a clampdown on truancy.

There has also been a major re-organisation of its teaching staff with special instructors brought in to provide additional coaching.

The new head is Ani Magill, 52, described in an Ofsted report of her previous school, St John the Baptist in Woking, as providing “inspirational leadership.” She will be joined by two experienced associate heads Caroline Walshe and Jon Davies.

Mrs Magill has taken over from the previous head Alison Dawson who resigned after just over a year at the Ruxley Lane School. She faced a barrage of criticism from local residents who objected to plans to sell off part of the school playing fields to raise money for the school.

The full details of the Ofsted report which placed Epsom and Ewell High School in special measures have not yet been published but are thought to be highly critical of nearly every aspect of the school except the sixth form.

The school, which draws some of its intake from some of the most deprived parts of the borough, is currently unpopular with parents when they select a school for their children.

Mrs Magill, who will be at the school for at least two terms, said: “The area deserves a good school and Epsom and Ewell High School will be a good school.

“We have already put a number of plans in place – there will be a completely fresh start and lots of changes very, very quickly.

“We have taken a number of steps to improve the quality of teaching and the quality of learning and it will show in the exam results.”

Some staff are being brought in to work specially with pupils about to sit exams.

“The staff here are really good - the children I have met are fantastic and I look forward to meeting the parents,” said Mrs Magill.

She is to hold a parents’ evening this week and a regular open evening once a month.