Senior pupils at a Markyate school helped a London-based playwright add the finishing touches to one of his novels.

Terence Frisby, author of There's a Girl in my Soup, worked with students at Beechwood Park School last week.

He was invited to the school by Jeremy James Taylor, Beechwood's acting head of drama, to outline the story of his book, Kisses on a Postcard.

Terence, a playwright and novelist, is due to publish the latest novel in September next year to coincide with 70th anniversary of the evacuation of children during the Second World War.

Also the musical is based on the autobiographical tale of his own experiences of evacuation to Cornwall and is scheduled for the London stage next year.

During the recent workshop at Beechwood, Terence, with the help of the pupils added the finishes touches to his book.

He told the students how he and his brother stayed with a family following the evacuation and an incident occurred involving the death of a child.

After the session he said: “I needed to find an appropriate way of including this in the stage version.

“Watching one of the group's improvisations provided the eureka moment and the children have given me an idea to work on.

“I am grateful to them for their perspective and interesting ideas for the denouement. I hope they enjoyed the day as much as I did.”