Students flew more than 900 miles to learn how Bromley police tackle drug and alcohol abuse amongst teenagers.

The group of Swedish pupils visited the town centre’s police station as part of a project looking into these issues.

They spent two days learning about the differences between the way the problems are tackled in England and Sweden.

This included spending time with Bromley police’s schools team to find out how officers work to police both the urban and rural parts of the borough.

They also had a talk about the support available for teenage drug and alcohol addicts by Neil Smith of BYPASS (Bromley Young Persons Alcohol and Substance Service).

Sergeant Ian Mann, from Bromley police's schools unit said: "It was a pleasure for us to play host to our guests from Sweden.

“The students were all very interested in what police officers in England do and how they interact with teenagers who have drug or alcohol habits.

“It's great to get youngsters to come and see us like this.

“Not only do they get a picture of the kind of work that we do but they get to know us as individuals and to realise that we are here to help, instead of perhaps seeing us as authority figures to be avoided."

The students from Nyköping, south Sweden, visited the police station last Wednesday and Thursday (December 10 and 11).