Over the UK many students have endured challenges when it comes to education during Covid times. A total of 4 months' worth of school in 2020 was missed and with a further 4 months with disrupted education.  This has led to a lot of content being half taught and many students agree that online lessons are difficult to concentrate in. The Government pulled a U turn over the Christmas holidays to cancel the exams yet have not released any further information as to how students will be assessed beside from the fact that it will be teacher assessed.   

Thoughts on the hasty decision are every mixed across students and parents. Many argue that they could still perform well in the exams and hat they are nervous being assessed by their teachers. Others say that this will be a massive advantage as students would be underprepared for the formal assessment and this way students can be graded on their overall academic knowledge.  

However, the anger comes from the major U-turn made by Gavin Williamson after promising that exams will go ahead. This left many people in shock and disbelief as it was after the announcement of Britain's third lockdown where schools will be closed until hopefully after the February half term.  

Despite the mix opinions on the cancelation of the exams, everyone is angry in unison due to the lack of communications between the government and Ofqual and the exam boards. Yet again it keeps students waiting and pondering how they will get their A level qualifications (as well as GCSE’s) and how they will get into university.