September, back to school. After a six month ‘break’ I was more than ready. However, could  the same be said for teachers? Whilst I relaxed, they were under pressure to learn how to teach in a whole new way. Teachers went back to school in September, facing uncertainty and massive change. However, their commitment to improving the lives of children remains unwavering and their impact is lifelong.


In September, two remarkable teachers were recognised; Dr Frost and Mr Paul Harvey. I was taught maths by Dr Frost and Mr Harvey taught my mum music. Dr Frost has been recognised as being one of the world’s ten best educators. Not only is he an outstanding teacher, in his ‘spare time’ he runs a free website to help struggling maths students worldwide. During lockdown daily hits rose to 1.3 million and 7000 schools accessed the site. Dr Frost did not have a relaxing lockdown! Mr Paul Harvey is a talented musician who committed his life to teaching and at the age of 80 is suffering from dementia. In September he composed a piece of music after being given just four notes by his son. This improvisation has now been recorded by the BBC Philharmonic orchestra and the proceeds are going to charity. 


Two committed people who devoted their lives to teaching. Both of them could have chosen other successful and lucrative careers – but fortunately for me, my mum and millions of other children, they have dedicated their lives to improve ours.