The best schools in Bromley borough based on this year's Key Stage 2 results have been revealed.

The Department for Education (DfE) has published 2017's results, which feature around 16,000 primaries across the country.

Coming out on top in Bromley was Crofton Junior School, in Towncourt Lane, Orpington and Clare House Primary School in Overbury Avenue

Both schools had the highest percentage of children out of all schools in the borough reaching the expected level in reading, writing and maths.

Crofton Junior School and Clare House Primary School saw an impressive 92 per cent of its pupils achieve the expected standard.

The tests were taken in the summer term by Year 6 pupils who will have since moved on to secondary school.

The expected standard is based on a series of national curriculum tests at the end of Key Stage 2 which take place for mathematics, English reading and English grammar, punctuation and spelling.

A student's raw score is then scaled because despite tests being developed each year to the same specification, the questions are different and the difficulty of tests may vary.

Once a score is scaled it will fall somewhere in between 80 (the lowest score) and 120 (the highest score).

Students scoring at least a scaled score of 100 will have met the expected standard of the test with a score of 99 or below meaning the student has not met the expected standard.

Here is a list of the top 21 Bromley borough primary schools and the percentage of kids reaching the expected standard.

Clare House Primary School: 92%

Crofton Junior School: 92%

Downe Primary School: 91%

Oaklands Primary Academy: 91%

The Highway Primary School: 90%

Highfield Junior School: 89%

Raglan Primary School: 89%

Harris Primary Academy Crystal Palace: 88%

Southborough Primary School: 88%

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary School: 88%

Stewart Fleming Primary School: 88%

Chelsfield Primary School: 87%

Perry Hall Primary School: 87%

St George's, Bickley, Church of England Primary School: 87%

St Mary's Catholic Primary School: 87%

Warren Road Primary School: 85%

Chislehurst Church of England Primary: 84%

St Mark's Church of England Primary School: 84%

Wickham Common Primary School: 84%

Balgowan Primary School: 83%

St Vincent's Catholic Primary School: 83%