A Lewisham school turned around its fortunes and received “easily the best Ofsted outcome in the school’s history”.

The last Ofsted report for Prendergast Vale School in December 2015 marked the school down as “requires improvement” across numerous categories, including quality of teaching and behaviour.

However their latest report, published on March 5, saw the school turn its fortunes around and be marked as “good”.

The report, which was conducted in January, praised the new system introduced at the school, which was having a “rapid, positive impact in many areas”.

Early years provision received particular praise, being marked as “outstanding” and praising the high standards teachers set for the children.

The report said: “Children from all starting points are ready to learn in Year 1 because of this very strong start in their school lives.”

Head teacher Duncan Kamya, who has been in charge since September 2016, said: “This latest report reflects what’s going on in the school now and effectively endorses and encourages the improvements we are continuing to implement to take us to an even higher level.

“Since the school opened in 2011, it has had five separate Ofsted inspections, and this is easily the most positive report in the school’s history.

“While school inspection results are naturally important, the real aim of a great school must be to equip pupils as well as they possibly can for the rest of their lives.

“So, it’s fitting that Prendergast Vale has been recognised by the inspection team for doing well in this over-arching aim – which should pay dividends for the pupils long into the future.”