After weeks of campaigning - temporary accommodation has been granted for a new secondary school.

180 boys will be given places at the temporary site of 1 Westmoreland Road for September 2018.

Hundreds of families marched in Bickley three times to secure the temporary accomodation for Bullers Wood School for Boys. 

MP Bob Neill labelled the campaigners as "real heroes". 

He told News Shopper: "The marches were particularly inspiring and quite humbling. It was a stunning campaign and the most impressive local one I can remember."

Mr Neill added that it was a great win for the boys, and that work will now continue to secure the St Hughes Playing Field site. 

Conservative councillor Nicola Dykes told News Shopper: "I know how stressful this has been for families. The site is only temporary and the St Hughes site will happen pending a new application.

"I am just delighted that these 180 boys will have a school to go to. It will be a great school. We welcome another outstanding school to the borough."

Leader of the campaign, Nancy Lengthorn, told News Shopper: "I am sitting here crying - that probably sums it up.

"All the campaigners are texting furiously, everyone is in tears. We are just so relieved. The relief is palpable. 

"There was so many nervous parents. We feel like St Hughes is now inching closer. 

"This is entirely down to the campaign. We were told to abandon the hope to open in September. We refused and if it wasn't for the 2,000 supporters this would would not have happened."

The latest march was on Sunday (February 25), which you can read about here. 

Councillor Peter Fortune, Cabinet Member for Education at Bromley Council said in a statement: “I know what a stressful time this has been for many families and having supported the application from the beginning I am pleased that Bullers Wood School for Boys will finally open this September in temporary accommodation at 1 Westmoreland Road. We will now be working with the school as they seek to secure their permanent, home at St Hugh’s playing fields.

"The parental campaign group deserve huge credit for keeping up pressure and making this solution possible. I am also grateful to politicians of all parties who have worked together to get this school up and running including Bob Neill MP, Gareth Bacon AM, the Bromley Town Councillors led by Cllr Nicky Dykes and opposition leader Cllr Angela Wilkins.

"We now look forward to welcoming Bullers Wood School for Boys into Bromley’s high performing family of schools and to working with them going forward to deliver a fantastic education for young people in Bromley."

A new secondary school was due to be built at St Hughes’ Playing Field before the decision to grant the proposal was reversed last month.

Labour Councillor Angela Wilkins told News Shopper: "I am absolutely delighted. It is only a short term solution, but it is a solution. 

"I am so happy for the children and families who have ran an absolutely awesome campaign. 

"Councillors have a duty to respond to the pressure put on us. We are here to represent the people, and when people campaign as strongly as that, we have a duty to do something. 

"I want to say a special thanks to Peter Fortune, who despite opposition from his own party, has shown leadership to pursue this.

"I hope he has some champagne!"

The attention will now turn to getting an application accepted for St Hughes Playing Field in Bickley. 

Despite the support of 2,000 for the school to be build there - over 1,000 petitioned against the site over traffic concerns last year. 

Liberal Democrat candidate Rhian Kanat told News Shopper she applauds the campaigners who have strived for temporary accommodation. 

She said: "We are relieved and pleased that the boys have a school to go to in September. 

"It is a huge achievement from a group of determined and imaginative parents and supporters. 

"There is a lot to be done, but now it is a celebration for the boys and the community." 

Councillor Colin Smith has been contacted for comment. 

More reaction to follow.