A small Christian primary school which teaches the Bible's creation story in science lessons has been slammed by Ofsted inspectors.

Kings Kids Christian School in New Cross received an inadequate Ofsted rating and was criticised for its pupils describing gods from other faiths as “false gods”.

The primary school only has 25 pupils between the ages of three to 11 but is highly focused on having a strong faith ethos.

The school’s website boasts about children learning in a Christian atmosphere and says that “Jesus is to be in the centre of all learning”.

This led Ofsted inspectors to say that leaders at the school “have not encouraged pupils’ understanding of and respect for people with different faiths and cultures”.

The report, which was published earlier this month, said that inspectors found children saying they should love people who are from different faiths, but in the same breath describing their faiths as worshipping false gods.

The report said: “Pupils do not know enough about other faiths, cultures and different groups of people with the full range of protected characteristics.

“This means that pupils are not as well prepared for life in modern British society as they could be.”

For science lessons, the school was criticised in the report for pupils not learning practical science or the skills of evaluate scientific evidence.

Similarly, British history was only a very recent addition to the study of history, with much of the focus being on USA Christian history.

The report said: “The creation story is taught in science and there is no evidence that pupils learn scientific theories about the origin of the Earth.

“Pupils do not make sufficient progress in humanities and social aspects of the curriculum.

“This is because history and geography are taught solely through the stories of the Bible or the history of the United States of America, in particular the lives of early American missionaries.

“School leaders have started to acquire resources based on British history and geography, but only a few pupils have access to these.”

The school’s previous Ofsted report in February 2014 rated the school as Good, the second highest rating, so a drop to Inadequate, the lowest rating available, is a significant drop for the school.

Kings Kids Christian School was contacted for comment but as the school was on half-term a spokesperson said they would comment after half-term ended.