Pupils joined teachers by walking out on strike in protest over plans to turn their schools in academies.

The strike took place on Thursday with youngsters at Prendergast Hilly Fields College walking out in protest.

Staff from all Lewisham's Prendergast schools went on strike due to proposals by governors to convert the institutions into academies. Staff from Catford's Sedgehill also took action.

After picketing, a large number of school staff headed to central London for a demonstration outside the Leathersellers Company building - the organisation who run Prendergast.

Martin Powell-Davies from Lewisham NUT said: "Our message to the Leathersellers Companyy was certainly heard very loudly."

Campaigners want a full and open consulation on the plans, which see schools opt out of local authority control.

No one from Prendergast was available for comment.