THE Krishna-Avanti Primary, which could be the UK's first state-funded Hindu school, has launched a "register of interest" for parents of prospective pupils.

The charity behind the school, the I-Foundation, which works to further Verdic culture and philosophy, hopes to find a site for it in Harrow.

The first proposed site, on Pinner Park Farm, was dropped in the face of strong public opposition to building on the green belt.

A new site, on the William Ellis playing fields in Edgware, is also being opposed by residents.

The I Foundation said the school was "aimed at providing Hindu parents with the option of sending their children to a school based on their faith".

It said: "At present there are voluntary aided schools for every major religion within the UK, except Hinduism."

Parents can formally register their children for places at

Registration will be seen as a declaration of support for the school, and its promoters said it would help them understand the geographical pool from which it would draw its pupils.

With more than 40,000 Hindus, the Borough of Harrow has the highest concentration of Hindus of any local government area in the UK.

The school's backers said: "The proposed site for the school is at the heart of the ward with the highest Hindu population in Britain and is, therefore, ideally sited to support the local Hindu community, as well as the wider community in Harrow.

"It is already working closely with other faith-based schools in the area."

Nitesh Gor, a director of I-Foundation, said: "The Krishna-Avanti primary school aims to give Hindu parents a choice of school that is consistent with their faith.

"At present, Voluntary Aided schools exist for every other major religion in the UK and it is right that the Hindu community are not denied this option in the education of their children.

"Today's launch of the register of interest will give Hindu parents the chance to declare their interest in a school that will actively serve the needs of the local community by delivering a high standard of academic, moral and spiritual education"

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