Having more in common with Scandinavian art-rockers Mew and Leaves than anything from their base of London or hometown of Bristol, The Fallout Trust are a sextet that stand out.

Like Tom Vek, with whom they have toured, they are far removed from any established British scene and In Case Of Flood, their debut, is a refreshing listen for anyone with a little shouty-guitar-band fatigue.

That's not to say guitars and shouting don't play their part: mid-album, tracks such as Cover Up The Man and single Washout sound as bouncy and vibrant as anything from The Coral or Dogs Die In Hot Cars.

But it's when things go downbeat that The Fallout Trust begin to distinguish themselves, with TVM and No Beacon having a hint of Hail To The Thief-era Radiohead about them.

The opener When We Are Gone builds from calm electronic beginnings to a breathless rocky finale for what is probably the highlight of the album.

Sadly, however, this comes too soon and much of the remainder does drag on.

The Fallout Trust, despite threatening to push musical boundaries, seem to be happy to ride the waves.

Released February 27, 2006.