46,000 this is the number of victims by a knife or sharp object in the year ending March 2020. This was the highest number of offences reached by a knife in nearly a decade, with 259 lives ending fatally in the year ending march 2019, according to the House of Commons library. 

Knife crime is something we all hear about whether it is on the news or it arises as a topic in conversation. Nevertheless, many of us fail to realise the harsh reality of knife crime on communities and the victims’ families unless we have been directly affected.

Knife crime has been a problem in our country for many years however in recent times the number of victims of a knife crime and perpetrators carrying knives has risen significantly. With the number of offences in 2018-19,  reaching higher than in 1946, where knife crime was also at its highest in comparison to other years.

With these alarming figures surely knife crime should be our government’s main priority……. and yet it is not……...And my question is why? 

How many more innocent victims are going to be allowed to be taken from us before our government finds a solution and put in place preventive measures. 

Many knife crime victims are aged between 18-24. Their lives have only just begun yet tragically cut short by a knife or sharp object. I can make a guess that the majority of GCSE and A-Level students across the country have an aspiration in regards to a career or where they would like to go into when they reach adulthood. This could be associated with medicine, fashion, business, however that is not the case for every pupil in their pivotal moments in their educational career. For many, their harsh reality is, staying alive. This is the reality of an era facing a rise in knife and gang violence. 

Many children are being expelled from schools with a figure as high as 3,900 in 2013. This leaves the vast majority of these children  no other alternative but to roam the streets and be involved in crime, some of which are sadly violent crimes. A large sum of these perpetrators and victims live in socially deprived areas where budgets have been cut in all aspects of their community, for example the police force have reduced in numbers resulting in less police officers conducting effective work in communities. Youth facilities such as youth clubs are non-existent meaning young people do not have a safe place to socialise with their peers and take part in activities which would be available to them.  

Although this is the case for many, some victims of knife crime are people who have an education, live in thriving areas and are not involved in gang culture. For example Lee Pomeroy.In the tragic case of Lee Pomeroy’s murder, a man  aged 51 who was attacked with a knife nine times in front of his 14 year old son on a train in January. 

 Knife crime is more than just a statistic it is a crime  that's affects many people lives. Imagine how the family, friends Lee Pomeroy feel. 

I for one can imagine the pain of Lee Pomeroys family and friends. On the 29th of October 2017 my cousin Aren Max Mali was murdered in central Croydon at the age of 17. His murderer being an 18 year old boy. My cousin was an aspiring footballer however his dreams were unfulfilled. Aren’s death not only affected myself but my siblings , my parents, my cousins and of course his parents, my aunt and uncle. None of us will ever be allowed to speak to or create memories with Aren again. And this is what these perpetrators fail to realise that murdering someone with a knife or sharp object destroys and changes people's lives forever.

So how do we resolve knife crime. It's not just down to the government to prevent this crime it's down to us in the communities to identify a cause and solution. Why is it not possible for all children like myself and peers to fulfil their dreams without the fear of being killed in a selfish act. I strongly believe all young people should be given equal opportunities. We are all products of our environment so every child should be in an environment where success is not a dream but a reality. 

256 - that is the number of fatal victims of knife or sharp object in the UK in the year ending March 2019. How many more victims are going to be added to the already staggering amount? How many more parents like Aren Mali are going to have to bury their children? 

When is enough - enough?