The man accused of raping two girls in front of their boyfriends and sexually assaulting a woman has gone on trial.

Daniel Elliott, 24, is from Rosewell Close, Anerley but the court heard he would frequently visit his girlfriend's home in Carshalton.

The three attacks happened in Mellows Park, Wallington, Beddington Park, and Grove Park, Carshalton last year.

Mr Elliott, who is facing five counts, two of rape, one of attempted rape and two of sexual assault, denies being the attacker.

The court heard that in the first instance, on August 3, a Polish woman in her 20s was attacked in Mellows Park as she walked home.

CCTV shows Mr Elliott on the same bus as the victim a short time before the attack.

Forensic evidence found fibres taken from the woman's clothing matched those belonging to a jumper worn by Mr Elliott.

Speaking for the prosecution Richard Bendall said Mr Elliott followed her after they got off the bus and grabbed the woman by the throat from behind and sexually assaulted her.

Mr Bendall argued the first attack did not escalate to rape only because Mr Elliott got scared of being seen and released his grip long enough to allow his victim to escape.

In the second instance, the court heard, a teenage girl and her boyfriend were attacked in Beddington Park on September 5.

During the ordeal, the victim, aged 16, was raped, while her boyfriend, also 16 was forced to watch. The pair were so traumatised, according to Mr Bendall, the crime was not reported until more than a month later.

The couple were walking through Beddington Park at about 2am, when they were approached by a 'large black male' who grabbed the boy's jacket and pulled him to the ground. 

He told them to lie there or he would pepper spray them.

The boy began shouting for help before the attacker went over to him and told him to be quiet.

He then returned to the girl and raped her.

The third attack followed a similar pattern.

A schoolgirl out with her boyfriend were attacked in Grove Park on Saturday, November 15, when Mr Elliott is said to have threatened to stab the boy before raping his female friend in a children's playground.

Yesterday the jury of seven men and five women heard testimony from the boy via a recorded interview.

He said: "He was at the edge of the play area for about five minutes with his hands resting on the railings for about five minutes.

"We started saying ' what's he doing', by that point he came over.

"He was mumbling something as he came up to me.

"Get on the floor, something like that.

"He grabbed me, I pushed him off, that's when he punched me on the lip.

"He grabbed me, pulling me towards him. 

"He pushed me down saying 'if you don't get on the floor I  am going to stab you'.

"He told me to call (her) over.

"I said .. come here.

"He told us to lie back to back.

"He told her to sit up.

"He said he was going to stab me so I thought he was going to stab both of us."

He described the attacker as being a well-built, or fat, black man in his 20s or 30s, with a deep "gangster" type voice.

He said the rapist 'kissed' his own teeth when the girl did not come over.

The attacker then forced the 15-year-old girl to perform a sex act on him.

Mr Elliott's defence is due to begin today. 

He denies all charges.