Some places that are used as vaccination centers include IKEA shops and museums. Andrew Lovett, Chief Executive of The Black Country Living Museum, believed that the museum was participating in the most important public health initiative the country has ever undertaken. Many other places are also open for vaccination. Plymouth Argyle are offering their stadium for vaccination, whilst Epsom Racecourse is also in use whilst there are not any races.   

The UK has the second highest proportion of people vaccinated in the world, behind Israel, and at one point had more vaccinated than the rest of Europe combined. Currently, in the UK, there are 5.4 million people having received their first dose of a vaccine, with Boris Johnson aiming for that figure to rise to all over 70s in a month.    

In comparison to the rest of Europe, Britain has vaccinated over 2 times more people per 100,000 than the next country in Europe, Serbia. Other countries to have rolled out the vaccination quickly include the US and the UAE.   

The UK has currently approved three vaccines – AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna. 100 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine have been ordered, which is required twice, and it is possible that more vaccines will be approved for use, which will speed up the vaccination program significantly. The Novavax and Johnson and Johnson clinical trials have been successful so far.  

 Some hospitals have come under scrutiny, as excess vaccines were thrown away, however this has promptly changed, so that there will be back up people to receive the vaccine instead.   

In Israel, the country with the highest proportion of vaccines per 100,000, a study has shown that infections in over vaccinated over 60s has plummeted by at least 60 percent, proving that the Pfizer vaccine is working. Other countries hope that the vaccine will be able to have similar effects to Israel, who ordered a large quantity of the Pfizer vaccination.   

The vaccination scheme will hopefully reduce the large death tolls that the UK has been experiencing, with all the categories Boris Johnson aiming to vaccinate resulting in the large majority of deaths, which would subsequently be prevented from the vaccine.