Front line workers have received a lot of praise over the course of the year but the workers that have dedicated their lives to keeping the front lines going are the ones that work harder than anyone to keep our world running. An anonymous key worker has decided to share their fight with the devastating virus and what it is like to work during these times.

 “At first I was terrified and I thought it was the end of the world but as an essential worker I had to keep working.” This particular key worker thought that her workplace was going to be shut down as she workes with the most vulnerable people and the elderly. “We thought we were going to be shut down because we fed the seniors so we started making as many meals as possible to keep in the freezer and we had to hire a freezer truck to store even more meals just to be sure that the seniors wouldn’t go hungry for the duration of the lockdown.” she said that once she had realised she counted as an essential worker, she had to forget her fears and focus on the vulnerable and elderly people that counted on her work to keep them fed. 

“In the middle of March, I fell sick with covid-19 and I was extremely worried as I worked with seniors and vulnerable people, and most of my family were high risk as well. I quarantined for the next fourteen days and had to self isolate for a secondary fourteen days because the rest of my family had caught the virus, which worried me even more,” she said. According to the key worker, the hardest part about returning to work was having to get used to having to wear masks after it had been made compulsory. “We usually have volunteers to come in and work with us but due to the pandemic, volunteers werent allowed at all.”

“At this time I hadn’t seen my mom in months and that was hard to because of how close we are. Her work was shut down and due to her age she won’t be working again,” she said. “That was probably the hardest thing, not seeing my mom at all.”